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This Little Light of Mine

The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum Shines.

The recent string of hurricanes in the US has served as a painful reminder of the importance of proper collections storage for museums. This is especially true for the recently opened Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, whose collections staff is still reeling from the impact of Hurricane Katrina more than a decade later.

When Hurricane Katrina made landfall it brought unprecedented damage to the region. The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum’s Collection Director, Nan Prince still vividly remembers the feelings of hopelessness when staff was first allowed to re-enter the facility following Katrina. For Prince, the sight of waterlogged priceless Choctaw baskets still haunts her memories.

Following Katrina, the staff at the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum took time to assess their storage needs and understand the importance of collections cabinets. Through the staff’s heroic efforts, the collections of the museum were preserved while they sought a new home. Nearly 15 years later, the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum opened its doors again.

The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum offers visitors an unflinching look at the state’s civil rights history. The contents of the collection are a painful reminder of the fight for equality which changed our nation. The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum consists of seven interactive galleries surrounding a central exhibit referred to as “This Little Light of Mine.” The exhibit features a sculpture which grows in brightness and volume as visitors enter.

Delta Designs worked closely with the museum’s collections staff and the building’s construction team to create custom storage cabinets that fit perfectly into the facility and—more importantly—met the needs of the staff who would be caring for the collection. We were also able to help the staff navigate the stringent guidelines of federal funding through FEMA.

The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum has an important message and shows us the importance of preserving the past to ensure our future. Delta Designs is honored to help museums all over the world carry out their mission. The work of collections staff is critical which is why we work to improve our products every day. Delta Designs is committed to continuously raising the standard in museum storage.

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