Our Process

1. Learn

In order to provide you with the best possible solution for your collections storage, we begin by viewing the space, measuring, and asking the right questions.

2. Solve

Unique collections require a unique solution. Our team of specialists will address each need, taking into account the type of collection to be stored and available space.

3. Design

Our team designs every inch of your cabinet with your individual collection in mind. They then oversee the build of the piece to ensure the solution is executed at a high level.

4. Build

We offer a variety of options, but compromise in quality is not one of them. Our cabinets are built by master craftsmen and all materials are approved and proven for museum use.

5. Assemble

Each cabinet is hand assembled by our expert staff and tested to ensure it performs to our standards so that it will exceed yours.

6. Test

The product is tested and double checked at each step of the process. From design to installation, we administer a rigorous quality control process to ensure your cabinets perform beyond expectation.

7. Install

Nobody is more qualified to install the final product than the craftsmen who built them. Our build team oversees all installations because they know the cabinets better than anybody.

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