The Delta Story


What we do matters.

In 1987, Skip Dickinson and Bruce Danielson formed Delta Designs with the goal to provide the highest quality collection storage equipment available. Through their hard work and dedication to customer service, Delta Designs is now the standard for museum collection storage.

We know that our work helps improve the future for generations to come. Every employee is instilled with that ideal and takes the expectations laid before them very seriously. What you do matters. The artifacts entrusted to museum staff deserve the best and that is why Delta exists. We are preserving the past to ensure the future.

Building beyond.

Mission Statement: Provide the greatest quality of collection storage equipment through our interaction with customers, our flexibility and meticulous design expertise and our precise manufacturing process.”

Core Values:
1. Honesty and integrity
Conduct yourself with honesty and integrity in interactions with customers, our company, and all vendors.

2. Do what's best for the client
Act in a way that puts the best interests of the client first.

3. Check the ego at the door
Demonstrate a willingness to set your egos aside and focus on solving the problem and doing what's right.

4. Practice A+ness as a way of life
Demonstrate an intense focus on the quality of everything you touch.

5. Take the extra time to do things right the first time
Take care to see that work is correct the first time it's done, thereby eliminating rework.

6. Seek to create win/win solutions
Look for solutions that satisfy the interests of all concerned.

7. Practice blameless problem solving
Refrain from placing blame, and instead, focus your attention on solving current problems and preventing future ones.

8. Maintain a solution orientation rather than a problem orientation
Focus your thought, creativity, and energy on finding solutions, not dwelling on problems.

9. Work from the assumption that people are good, fair, and honest
Approach others from a perspective of trust and assume positive intent.

10. Keep things fun
Demonstrate a sense of light-heartedness, happiness, and optimism.