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The Delta Standard

These are the principles we hold to in every interaction. Going above and beyond is not an added bonus, with Delta Designs it comes standard.

The Delta Standard


Listen to Learn.
Our greatest innovations and successes come from the counsel of customers. Understanding the needs of collections managers, curators, and museum staff allows us to improve every day.

Flexibility in Design.
Our solutions are as varied as the collections they house. Your cabinets will be uniquely suited for your space and your collection.

Rigidity in Manufacturing.
Each cabinet is hand assembled on site and production is overseen by the designer who created it. Attention to detail ensures that the cabinets will perform as well in year 30 as they do on day one.

Hermetically Sealed.
Delta’s mechanically attached gaskets and innovative three-point locking system limits fluctuation in humidity and air temperature. Cabinets are independently tested for air exchange rates.

Ease of Access.
Collections never stop growing so it is important that storage is flexible and accessible. Every inch counts and our cabinets are designed with that in mind.

Customer Service.
Our work is not complete when a product is delivered and installed. Like our cabinets and the collections they store, we are committed to the long-term.

Guaranteed Work.
Delta Designs stands behind our products and the quality of our craftsmanship. Each cabinet is built to your specifications, rigorously inspected, and installed by the craftsmen who built it.

Accept nothing less than the Delta Standard for your museum storage cabinets.

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