For years children have stood-mouth agape-before the bones of the giant creatures who once ruled the earth. We know that you feel the same sense of awe when you open your collections and because of this, we build our cabinets to protect your collection. Don’t let your collection survive millions of years just to deteriorate because of poor storage.

Paleontological Museum Collection Storage

Paleontology Museum Storage Cabinets

Unearth the future of paleontological museum collection storage with Delta Designs Ltd. Our innovative solutions are meticulously designed to preserve and protect fossil specimens for generations to come. From towering dinosaur skeletons to delicate fossilized remains, our museum storage systems are engineered with precision to accommodate specimens of all sizes and shapes. Crafted with durability and security in mind, our museum storage cabinets feature secure locking mechanisms, adjustable shelving, and customizable configurations to suit your collection's unique requirements. With Delta Designs Ltd, you can trust that your paleontological specimen will be safeguarded with the highest standards of care and preservation. Choose excellence. Choose Delta Designs Ltd.

Series 800


  • A design to order series
  • Interior trays or accessories completely removable and adjustable without standard tools
  • Cabinet Dimensions: 24” to 72” wide x 48” to 96” high x 24” to 36” deep



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