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Explore our rich heritage through historic maps, drawings, and artwork. properly stored, they illuminate our past and guide future generations. Discover how Delta Designs Ltd can safeguard your treasures for years to come!

Flat File storage

Choose from Our Range of Standard and Custom Flat File Models to Suit Your Needs. Our Standard Models, including the 4129, 4736, and 5442, offer versatility and reliability. Looking for something more tailored? Our Custom Oversized Units are designed to accommodate any dimensions you require. Have something smaller in mind? Our Flat File can be custom designed to meet your needs. Enhance your museum collection storage experience with optional features like Drawer Suppressors to keep files flat, Rear Drawer Hoods for artifact protection, and Heavy-Duty or Ball Bearing Suspensions. With Delta Designs Ltd, your flat files are not only stackable but also compatible with high-density mobile systems. Optimization and Preservation are at the heart of our equipment and should be the heart of your museum storage collection.
Flat File


Ready to elevate your storage game? Dive into the world of precision storage solutions with Delta Designs Ltd. Download our flat file spec sheets now and discover the perfect fit for your collection. Whether you're safeguarding priceless artifacts or organizing valuable specimens, our spec sheet has you covered. Don't settle for ordinary – unlock the extraordinary with Delta Designs Ltd. Click below to download and revolutionize your storage experience today!

Model 4129

Cabinet Dimensions: 41” wide x 17” high x 29” deep
Five drawer unit

Model 4736

Cabinet dimensions: 47” wide x 17” high x 36” deep
Five drawer unit


Model 5442

Cabinet Dimensions: 54” wide x 17” high x 42” deep
Five drawer unit

Oversize Flat File

Size per customer specification

*Ask about our design to order Flat File series.

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Our flat file storage solutions are customized to meet your specific needs and conditions. Leveraging our in-depth experience in flat file storage, we provide expert guidance to help you select the ideal solution for your project. Our team of specialists is ready to support you!