Flat and Rolled Textile

Venture through the vibrant world of textiles, where each fabric tells a tale of cultural heritage and human connection. From the intricate patterns of ancient civilizations to the contemporary designs of modern societies, these textiles are more than just threads; they are living artifacts that bridge the past and present. Discover the rich tapestry of humanity woven into every fabric, and unravel the stories of resilience, creativity, and tradition that endure through generations.

Flat Textile

Delta Design Ltd offers cutting-edge solutions for flat and rolled textile storage, providing museums, galleries, and collectors with optimal preservation and accessibility. Our meticulously engineered storage systems ensure the safekeeping of delicate textiles, whether flat or rolled, while maximizing space efficiency. With customizable options tailored to your specific needs, trust Delta Design Ltd to safeguard your textile treasures for generations to come.

Flat and Rolled Textile
Flat Textile Museum Storage

Flat Textile

Experience unparalleled excellence with our flat textile tray design. Crafted using museum-grade, rigorously tested materials, and encased in a lightweight aluminum frame, our trays for flat textile museum storage offers industry leading protection and ease of handling for your valuable flat textile museum collection. With the ability to accommodate pieces up to 144" wide and 144" deep, our trays are tailored to meet your unique storage needs. Inquire about our customizable design options to create the perfect solution for your collection.

*Ask about our design to order flat textile models

Rolled Textile

Unlock the potential of cantilever racks for versatile museum collection storage solutions, perfect for rolled textiles of varying lengths and diameters. Tailored to your specific needs, our cantilever racks can accommodate textiles ranging from 12" to an impressive 192" in length. Each rack is custom-sized to your specifications, ensuring seamless integration into your museum collection storage space. Simplify the quoting process by providing us with quantities, lengths, and diameters of your rolled textiles, and let us handle the rest. Experience unmatched efficiency and organization with our innovative cantilever rack systems.


  • Cantilever rack can be used for the storage of a variety of objects but most in particular is rolled textiles, in varying lengths and diameters.
  • Cantilever rack size per customer specification.
  • Can accommodate rolled textiles 12" to 192" long.
  • Cantilever rack to be quoted per customer specification. For ease in quoting, forward quantity, lengths, and diameters of rolled textiles.

*Ask about our design to order flat textile models


Custom Museum Storage

Flag cabinet

Flags hold significant cultural, historical, and symbolic value, representing nations, organizations, and causes. Preserving these emblematic artifacts requires specialized storage solutions that prioritize their protection and longevity. At Delta Designs Ltd, our flag flat textile cabinet features a bubble X chloroplast bottom and full metal frame construction, reducing weight load and extending longevity. Customizable dimensions allow for storage of oversized flat specimens, and optional doors provide added security. Our museum storage cabinets are constructed with all steel materials and professionally welded to accommodate flags of various sizes and materials, our museum cabinet storage solutions provide the ideal environment for preserving flags for future generations to appreciate.

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