Flat and Rolled Textile

The fabrics of the world can teach us much about the cultures they came from. Through the study of these artifacts, we understand the differences in cultures and often realize that we aren’t that different. Textiles reveal the common thread of humanity.

Flat Textile

Our flat textile tray design is unmatched. We use a museum grade, tested, lightweight material encased by an aluminum frame. This allows simpler movement of the item without the handling of the actual flat textile.

We can accommodate flat textiles up to 144" wide and 144" deep.

*Ask about our design to order flat textile models

Flat Textile Museum Storage

Rolled Textile

  • Cantilever rack can be used for the storage of a variety of objects but most in particular is rolled textiles, in varying lengths and diameters.
  • Cantilever rack size per customer specification.
  • Can accommodate rolled textiles 12" to 192" long.
  • Cantilever rack to be quoted per customer specification. For ease in quoting, forward quantity, lengths, and diameters of rolled textiles.

*Ask about our design to order flat textile models