Compact Storage

Explore the Compactus® High Density Mobile Shelving Systems, your premier choice for optimizing every cubic feet of available space. Experience a storage solution that not only doubles or quadruples its capacity but also prioritizes environmental sustainability through the use of eco-friendly materials. Additionally, the Compactus® mobile shelving system is designed with leading-edge safety features, providing maximum security for both your collections and users.

compact Storage


We partner with the very best to provide the perfect solution for your compact storage needs.

Options include:

  • Mechanical Assist
  • Electrically powered
  • Recessed Track System
  • Pedestal Floor System

*Ask about our many different compact storage options.


compact storage
Compactus XTR

Compactus® XTR

Compactus® XTR is designed to give you a tough, flexible, heavy-duty solution that offers maximum storage capacity in any available space. And with all possibilities for personalization—advanced safety levels and a lot of LED lighting and accessories, Compactus® XTR is the best solution for effective storage.

Compactus® XT

Compactus® XT is designed to give your space-maximizing solution without sacrificing the flair and usability to which our products are accustomed. Their modularity allows them to be easily expanded as your storage requirements grow. Your shelving system is customizable with so many finishes available, from glass and steel to wood, and even custom graphics that offer design flexibility.
Compactus XT
Compactus Double Decker

Compactus® double decker

Experience our Compactus® Double Decker Storage System—tailored for archives, museum depots, or warehouses.  This sysem uses the height of the room: Both upper and lower levels of the double-decker move together. An ultimate solution for professionals demanding the highest standards of preservation and accessibility for valuable collections, and in the meantime, maximizing storage capacity.

Bruynzeel Storage Systems

We are proud to collaborate with Bruynzeel Storage Systems, a global leader in mobile shelving solutions, to bring the most innovative and efficient storage options to our clients. Bruynzeel is renowned for its commitment to quality, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology. Together, we offer a range of mobile shelving solutions designed to maximize space, enhance accessibility, and streamline storage management, making it easier than ever for organizations to optimize their storage environments. Our partnership with Bruynzeel Storage Systems underlines our dedication to providing only the best and most innovative storage solutions available on the market.

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Our storage solutions are customized to meet your specific needs and conditions. Leveraging our in-depth experience in storage, we provide expert guidance to help you select the ideal solution for your project. Our team of specialists is ready to support you!